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A reference to Windows Longhorn build 4059 was found in the WindowsListView.cs file, located within the reference source code for the .NET 4.5.1 version of Windows Presentation Foundation. It mentions that builds after 4059 always display the view header regardless of the view mode being used in Explorer. This is consistent with the behaviour shown in later builds of Longhorn.

Extract from the file referencing the build[edit | edit source]

        // detect if listview is in detail mode
static internal bool IsDetailMode (IntPtr hwnd)
    int view = ListViewGetView (hwnd);

    // Current LH builds (4059) display the header even in tile view, 
    // which makes us think we are in details view. 
    // Explicitly detect tile view and return false. 
        if (view == NativeMethods.LV_VIEW_TILE)
            return false;

        if (InReportView(hwnd) || (view == NativeMethods.LV_VIEW_DETAILS))
            return true;