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Windows 98 build 1900.5 is the official Release Candidate 3 build of Windows 98. The Simplified Chinese version of this build was uploaded to the Chinese website BetaWorld on 14 September 2019.[1]

The Simplified Chinese version of this build was included on a warez CD called CDKING_98 alongside the RTM (in English and Chinese), and build 1691 (in Chinese); which was uploaded to the Internet Archive on 28 August 2022.[2]

In the Simplified Chinese version of this build, all INF files (except LAYOUT*.INF) contain a header comment including the date and time of the current translation.

This build does not require a product key unlike previous builds.

Other information (Chinese version)[edit | edit source]


Windows 98 official version S/N: K4HVD-Q9TJ9-6CRX9-C9G68-RQ2D3
This is stolen from Microsoft by the PWA WAREZ organization, I feel that it is the official version.

adobe photoshop 5.0 s/n:pww400r7106337-339

Other information (English version)[edit | edit source]


Product name: Microsoft Windows98 RC3
Publisher: Microsoft Corp.
Release Group: shock
Release date: 25th April, 1998
Type: OS

System req.
486DX100+ - WINBLAH - 16MB RAM - 100MB HD

The final is almost here...not much explanation needed. Release
candidate 3 is a much more error free edition than the previous
editions..use and enjoy.

Installing Notes:
run installation.

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