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Windows 7 build 7004 is an unconfirmed build of Windows 7. A screenshot of this build was supposedly shown by Scott Wylie in a post, which was removed shortly after it was made.[1][2] The post talked about how Windows 7 seems like an almost finished product already, and how the new UI is much more responsive and unobtrusive. He then went on to describe that he likes the new taskbar, even though he would like some features to be added to it, such as the ability to change the icon size. This build also supposedly has a bug where if you click a desktop icon, the window borders become black with Aero enabled.

There is another screenshot[3] of this build floating around, which has been determined fake, since the desktop watermark has an inconsistent font that makes it apparent that was edited with photo editing software. This build was also compiled earlier than the official beta, build 7000.

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