Windows 3.1 build 103 RC (1992-03-10)

3.10.103 (RC 1992-03-10)
Build of Windows 3.1
Release nameRelease Candidate
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number3.1
Build number103
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1992-03-10
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Windows 3.1 build 103 (RC 1992-03-10) is a Release Candidate build of Windows 3.1 that is one of many compiles of build 103. A set of nine 5.25" floppy disk images of the Windows 3.1 Final Beta SDK including this build was uploaded to the Internet Archive on 23 July 2023.[1] This build was notably compiled on the same day as the RTM build; the only differences include earlier versions of debug GDI.EXE and DBWIN.DLL.

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