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Windows 3.1 build 043d is an unleaked build of Windows 3.1, discussed in an internal Microsoft e-mail from August 1991.[1]

The e-mail says a general protection fault (GPF) is raised when DDEML is disconnected under a debug compile of this build. Later on, the e-mail also describes an issue with Arial fonts and IBM 4019 PostScript driver in Windows 3.1 beta 2, though it is not clear if this also refers to build 43d or a different build from beta 2 stage.

Files from Word for Windows 2.0[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0 ships with some files from this build, most notably SHELL.DLL. When the About dialog is opened in Word, it will display the new about dialog from this build, which features a new Windows logo.

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