Windows 3.1 RC3e

3.1 RC3e
Build of Windows 3.1
Release nameRelease Candidate 3
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number3.1
Build revisione
Compiled on1992

Windows 3.1 RC3e is mentioned in an internal Microsoft document from February 1992.[1] It is part of the Release Candidate stage and, like other RC builds, is not referred to by its actual build number, but is instead simply called "RC3e" everywhere.

According to the document, several third-party applications were tested on this build. Additionally, the following issues with this build were observed:

 EPSON24.DRV - Bug# 15369, No support of 2 bin sheet feeder
 EPSON9.DRV - Bug# 15367, No support for 2 bin sheet feeder
*UNIDRV.DLL - Bug# 15284, Epson9 does not retain settings
 SOUNDREC.EXE - Bug# 15346, Hard coded strings in SOUNDREC
 COURBI.TTF - GP-FAULT in Rasteriser, incorrect coding, missing endif in font
 KERNEL - Bug# 15388, segment load failure, share.exe problems
 SETUP.EXE - Staker 2.0 - make dual copy of boot files when drive is swapped.
 SETUP.EXE - TSR detection switch.
 CONTROL.INI - Delete install section to force upgrade of drivers..
               INTL localisation fix
 WINGDING.TTF - Remapped characters to better match with dingbats

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