Windows 3.1 RC3b

3.1 RC3b
Build of Windows 3.1
Release nameRelease Candidate 3
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number3.1
Build revisionb
Compiled on1992

Windows 3.1 RC3b is mentioned in an internal Microsoft document from February 1992.[1] It is part of the Release Candidate stage and, like other RC builds, is not referred to by its actual build number, but is instead simply called "RC3b" everywhere.

According to the document, several third-party applications were tested on this build. Additionally, the following issues with this build were observed:

 OLE DLLs - # 9072, Get hang on hour glass dropping large file onto write
 SUPERVGA.DRV - Bug# 14776, 800x600 supervga device frier LPtoDP bug
 PSCRIPT.DRV - Bug# 15006- Output notepad are printed using tiny font.
 EPSON9.DRV - Bug# 14914, Epson LX-810: 17 cpi fonts not mapping correctly
*SETUP.EXE - Bug# 15107, a textual change in a help screen. Fix spelling error
 WINOA386.MOD - Bug# 15142, Error message dialog messed up
 USER.EXE - Bug# 12084 - screen saver fix
*WIN386.EXE - Bug# 14672, Get garbage reading floppies in dos box
 SETUP.TPF - Change minimum space requirements for Windows.
             Added APPS.HLP, LSL.COM, IPIODI.COM
             Bug# 14875, Ingres W4GL.EXE and W4GLR.EXE require [Compat] Setting
             Change COPTWAITS Message
 WIN.SRC - Bug# 14875, see above
 APPS.HLP - New file
 WINDING.TTF - This is the font with drop out control turned off over 84 points,
 COMMDLG.DLL - Print Setup missing driver error
 GDI.EXE - BUG# 11539, GetKarningPairs sign extends returned chars
           Neg. Ext. Leading bug fix.
 .FOT - Change copyright messages

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