Windows 3.1 RC3a

3.1 RC3a
Build of Windows 3.1
Release nameRelease Candidate 3
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number3.1
Build revisiona
Compiled on1992

Windows 3.1 RC3a is mentioned in an internal Microsoft document from February 1992.[1] It is part of the Release Candidate stage and, like other RC builds, is not referred to by its actual build number, but is instead simply called "RC3a" everywhere.

According to the document, several third-party applications were tested on this build. Additionally, the following issues with this build were observed:

 SYSTEM.DRV - Setup problem on Dos 3.1 - Bug #14863
 EGAOEM.FON - change resolution to 72*96, font mapping problem for terminal font
 VGAOEM.FON - change resolution to 96*96, font mapping problem for terminal font
*WIN386.EXE - Bug #14413, invalid VxD dynamic link call
 ScreenSavers - Change Font from HELV to MS SSERIF
 SMALL*.FON - mark as 3.0 compat
 DRIVERS.CPL - MMBug #6149, prompts to Reboot if driver is already present
 GDI.EXE - WinProj 1.0 divide by zero trashes Windows
 *.HLP - Recompiled with the new HC.EXE
 KRNL286 and 386 - Bug #14975, DBWin crash w/output to COM1 at app exit
                       #14976, exit Windows after app exit, DBWin

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