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Windows 2000 build 2168 is an unleaked build of Windows 2000. This build is referenced in the readme for Microsoft Data Access Components version 2.5 included with Windows Me build 2509 and later, and is also referenced in an internal email sent to employees on 24 February 2000.[1]

Internal email[edit | edit source]

The server \\MSR will be upgraded from build 2168 of Windows 2000 to the released build (2195) this Saturday (2/26) starting at 9am. Expect a downtime window of about 2-3 hours beginning at 9am.

If anyone has an urgent reason why this should not be done, please mail MSRSupp.


— Robert Eberl[1]

mdacrdme.htm[edit | edit source]

Starting with Build 2168 of Windows 2000, after a clean install the MSADC virtual root will default to "access denied" for all IP addresses and Domain Names. This means that, on clean installs, no computers will be able to connect to the MSADC vroot on these computers and, therefore, all RDS applications will not work until the steps below are taken.

Please note that if you upgrade to build 2168 or greater of Windows 2000 from a Windows NT 4.0 machine or an earlier build of Windows 2000, the current settings for MSADC vroot will be preserved and the steps below are unnecessary.

References[edit | edit source]

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