Windows 2000 build 2098

Build of Windows 2000
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.0
Build number2098
Build revision1
Compiled on1999-08

Windows 2000 build 2098 is a build of Windows 2000 that is mentioned several times in the file Windows 2000 Compatibility Test Plan and Results for PMSC-S~1.doc on the Microsoft Developer's Conference 2000 kit CD. Build 2087 and 2099 are also mentioned.

To verify that S3+ client and server components will continue to run as expected after an upgrade of the file and database server operating system to Windows 2000 Server, we ran the Windows 2000 Server upgrade on PARIS5 and PARIS6. Instead of upgrading to Windows 2000 Build 2087, we upgraded PARIS5 to Build 2098 and PARIS6 to the newly released Build 2099. Both upgrades completed successfully.