Windows 2000 build 1922

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Windows 2000 build 1922 is mentioned in the Windows XP Service Pack 1 source code in the file \termsrv\setup\ists\ists.c.1922compatible:

                         /* -------------------------------------------------------------

                         Calling the VerSetConditionMask is the newer way to get the condition mask.
                         but since this new function was added only on Build 1922,
                         this will not work for pre-1922 builds (like Beta2) of NT5.
                         if you want your program to work for pre 1922 builds of NT5 as well.
                         OLD_VER_SET_CONDITION( dwlConditionMask, VER_SUITENAME, VER_AND );
                         instead of calling VerSetConditionMask dynamically.

                         You might want to remove this condition if you dont care about interminent builds of NT5
                         ------------------------------------------------------------- */