Windows 11 build 26100.2

Build of Windows 11 2024 Update
OS familyWindows 11 (NT 10.0)
Version number10.0
Build number26100
Build revision2
ArchitectureAMD64, ARM64
Build labge_release_svc_oem
Compiled on2024-04-05
Home (N, Single Language, China)
SE (N)
Pro (N, Single Language, China)
Pro Education (N)
Pro for Workstations (N)
Education (N)
Enterprise (Evaluation (N), G(N), N, LTSC)
IoT Enterprise (LTSC (Subscription))
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Windows 11 build 26100.2 is an update of build 26100.1. It can be obtained by installing the KB5037941 cumulative update, which was uploaded to Windows Update servers on 17 April 2024. This build is compiled from the ge_release_svc_oem branch for OEMs to preinstall on devices.

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