Windows 10 build 20206

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Build of Windows 10 Iron
OS family
Architecturex86, x64, ARM64
Timebomb2021-01-31 (+156 days)
Works in
Home China
Home N
Home Single Language
Pro N
Pro Single Language
Pro China Only
Pro Education
Pro Education N
Pro for Workstations
Pro N for Workstations
Education N
Enterprise Evaluation
Enterprise G
Enterprise G N
Enterprise multi-session
Enterprise N
Enterprise N Evaluation
IoT Enterprise
Use a Windows 10 Retail serial
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Windows 10 build 20206 is the eleventh Insider Preview build of Iron. This build was released to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel on 2 September 2020.

Changes[edit | edit source]

These changes are only available to a small group of Insiders at first, meaning that not everyone will see them right out of the box. They are available on both upgrades and clean installations since Cobalt build 21313.

  • Updated the emoji picker to be integrated with Fluent Design, added a search box, animated .GIF support and support for emojis to the clipboard history. Also added another area to Feedback Hub regarding .GIFs and other input.
  • Added voice typing. It is currently available for English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese languages.
  • Various improvements to the touch keyboard, notably including an emoji search.
  • Added the ability to change the text cursor's position with the space bar on the touch keyboard.

Enabling the new features[edit | edit source]

  • The redesigned emoji picker and the touch keyboard improvements are disabled by default in clean installations. To turn them on, use Vibranium Velocity/ViVeTool and use the command vivetool.exe addconfig 20438551 2 from an elevated Command Prompt window.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • At the time of release, the update process had a chance of hanging for extended periods of time when attempting to install this build.
  • Live preview doesn't work for pinned site tabs.
  • Some Office applications may either crash or go missing if you update to this build.
  • There's a chance of the Settings app crashing if you open Manage Disks and Volumes.
  • The Linux kernel is not installed when you use the wsl --install in the Windows Subsystem for Linux. To workaround this issue, run wsl --update to the latest kernel version.
  • Sometimes, when starting up a WSL2 distro, there's a chance of randomly encountering the error “The remote procedure call failed”.

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