Windows 1.0 1985-10-28 build

Retail Beta Release (1985-10-28)
Build of Windows 1.0
Release nameRetail Beta Release
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number1.00
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1985-10-28

The Windows 1.0 1985-10-28 build is a late pre-release build of Windows 1.0. BetaArchive member trueyanksfan posted alleged Premiere Edition disk scans on 16 March 2014.[1] A few months later, on 12 September 2014, he posted an update, revealing disks 1–3 were overwritten with other data and only disk 4 survived. He also posted a screenshot showing that the dates of the files are near the end of October 1985.

trueyanksfan's disks have since been sold on eBay. It was later confirmed that the remaining files on disks 3 and 4 are from a later build from around late October 1985. These files remain unavailable online.

Another disk set of this build was auctioned off on 13 March 2023.[2]

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