Windows 1.03 (NEC PC-9800 OEM)

1.03 (NEC PC-9800 OEM)
Build of Windows 1.0
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number1.03
Architecturex86 (PC-98)
Compiled on1986-11-20
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Windows 1.03 (NEC PC-9800 OEM) is an OEM version of Windows 1.03 from 1986, which was released for the Japanese NEC PC-9800 series computers. It is currently available as combined installer files, or an installed image file.

The lzh containing installer files can be found in a torrent file. The file has a date of October 2001. "setup /m" will show the option while installing.

The hdi installed version can be found in the Internet Archive. The file has a date of September 2001.

The fdi installed version which has a different color scheme can be found in old-dos. The color was probably modified in 2010.

It is the earliest available build of Windows for the PC-98 series of computers and in East Asian languages.