Windows 1.00.09

Build of Windows 1.0
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Windows 1.0 version 1.00.09 is a late pre-release build of Windows 1.0. Disk 5 of this build, containing a pre-release version of Microsoft Windows Write and a sample document (PRACTICE.DOC), can be found on the Muleslow FTP server.[1] The rest of the build is not available yet. The floppy disk labels designate it as "Retail Beta Release 1.00.09" from 4 November 1985.

PRACTICE.DOC is dated 9 September 1985, but it's otherwise identical to its counterpart from the Windows 1.01 RTM. Windows Write identifies as version 0.92, and is dated 1 November 1985. It has several code differences compared to the final version (version 1.00 from the Windows 1.01 RTM) and can be used on the Windows 1.01 RTM.

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