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Visual Studio version 17.5 build 33312 is the Preview 3 release of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.5, released on 18 January 2023. This release introduces a XAML window accessibility checker, a spell checker and improvements to C# and C++.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Visual Studio IDE[edit | edit source]

Accessibility[edit | edit source]

This release introduces the Accessibility Checker, which detects accessibility issues in a WPF application and shows steps on how to fix them.

Spell checker[edit | edit source]

This release also introduces the spell checker, which can detect spelling mistakes in parts of a code file, and provide fixes.

External source debugging[edit | edit source]

This release improves the speed on which PDB files are loaded when debugging an application.

Markdown[edit | edit source]

The Markdown editor introduced in Preview 2 is now available to anyone.

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

This release introduces intent based suggestions. Visual Studio uses Machine Learning algorithms to understand the source code and provide relevant changes.

.NET[edit | edit source]

HTML code actions[edit | edit source]

This release supports HTML code actions in Razor files, like encoding an image in Base64, inserting sizing options, or removing tags.

Razor and Roslyn spaces[edit | edit source]

This release improves the performance in the Razor and Roslyn spaces.

Build Acceleration[edit | edit source]

This release introduces build acceleration, an opt-in feature which increases the speed of incremental project builds.

C++[edit | edit source]

Brace pair colorization[edit | edit source]

This release introduces brace pair colorization, to find missing braces or seeing the code's scope more easily.

Containers[edit | edit source]

This release allows opening a development container in the integrated terminal.

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