User talk:Nedvire

Take this as the first warning, cause your 9375 page (HallOfShame:Windows:8.1:9375:fbl_partner_out14) was abomination of mankind. Have you even bothered to read BetaWiki:Guidelines? I'll try to list some of your failures:

  • Every page about a windows build MUST contain the BuildInfo template.
  • You include a paragraph about what is Winforum, which has nothing to do with the build, if you want to talk about it so much, just create a page Winforum and then link it (like This build was leaked on [[Winforum]]).
  • Your english is terrible.
  • "Its unconfirmed how they got the 9475 build." - I thought this is a page about 9375
  • You talk about screenshots, yet fail to post them.
  • Writing "It's unknown" like this is pointless. The only thing it makes sense is when givin choices ("It is unknown whether this was intended, or is just a leftover from previous builds"), but the way you wrote it it's just like "I'm too lazy to list the changes".
  • Your english is terrible.
  • "Maybe" is one of the tabu words in a valuable article, use it with EXTREME caution.
  • Pointless external linking.
  • Personal point of view ("I did it too", what's next, "I don't like this build, cos it doesn't want to run on my laptop"?).
  • Your english is terrible.
  • Ah, and also, this build is confirmed fake, so don't change it. (Everybody with IQ > 60 has to see that fbl_partner_out14 one build after fbl_partner_out15 just doesn't work)

If you fail to fix at least majority of these problems, I will have no other choice but to take the edit right away from you. Sincerely, --JaGoTu (talk) 09:26, 24 July 2013 (BST)