This user is no longer very active on BetaWiki.

Welcome to my userpage! Wabbah is a BetaWiki user that has been around since 18 July 2021, and on the BetaWiki server from August 2023-January 2024.

Also known as Windows11Forever, Waterfallthebigsleep, TerrificJubbah, HANSocean, and WindowsNickelForever. View my website at

Builds I tested and favorite builds[edit | edit source]

Image Tested OS Tested with Notes Rating
Windows 11-10.0.21380.1001-Desktop.png Windows 11 build 21380 VMWare Workstation 17 This is an interesting build of Windows 11, despite the fact that a service causes memory leaks and the desktop.ini file opens itself and shows on the desktop. 7/10

My device specs[edit | edit source]

Device CPU Memory GPU Storage OS Notes
HP OMEN Gaming PC Intel Core i7-10700F Dual channel 32GB (upgraded from single channel 16GB) GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER (might be possible to upgrade to a 30xx) 512GB NVMe Windows 11 Home (stock version, non-Insider) This is my main PC I use for VMs. Main PC December 18, 2021-now. Also once replaced the Windows 11 with Windows 10 once. 1TB HDD died as of February 21, 2024. Planning on replacing it with a 2 or 1TB SSD. Also planning to dualboot with Zorin OS.
MacBook Air Apple M1 8GB Internal 256GB macOS Sonoma (whatever new version comes out) Use this when I don't use VMs. Secondary PC May 2021-now.
2012 ASUS laptop Intel Core i7 TBD Geforce 660M HDD (unknown space) Windows 7 (originally Windows 8.0) Might use this as a "BetaBox" or something once I get a compatible power adapter for it. Will be installing stuff like Windows 8.1 and maybe 8.0 or 10 RTM betas.
2018 MSI laptop Intel Core i7 8700? 16GB GeForce GTX 1060 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD Zorin OS 17 Core Has thermal issues. Forgot the password for the Zorin OS user so I can't install software or use sudo commands. Zorin OS won't shut down machine automatically as if this device didn't support ACPI. Main PC September 2020-June 2021.

Former[edit | edit source]

Device CPU Memory GPU Storage OS Notes
HP Envy AIO Some Skylake Intel i7 16GB GeForce GTX 9xx (pretty sure) 256GB NVMe + 1TB HDD with extra partition Windows 10 Home 20H1 Recycled in February 2023. Only thing remaining is the NVMe. I used it from 2017 to September 2020 until it died. This thing would never virtualize anything newer than Windows 7 on VBox.
2019 Dell Chromebook Intel Celeron N4xxx 4GB Internal 32GB? Chrome OS 100 Still have it but don't use it anymore. Also mained this for non-VM things Christmas 2019-early 2021. No updates after June 2022.
Another HP AIO 3rd gen Ryzen 3 8GB (6GB usable) Internal Radeon Vega (absolutely terrible) 1TB HDD Windows 10 Home 20H2 Would've been faster if it had an SSD. Recycled in February 2023. Bought August 2020.
2019 Dell tower Intel Pentium Gold 16GB (originally 4GB) Internal 1TB HDD? Windows 10 Home (likely 19H2) Main PC for using VBox in summer 2020. OS registry is pretty much destroyed. Likely recycled now.
iPad 2 Apple A5 512MB Internal 16GB NAND iOS 9.3.1 Might jailbreak this once I have a charger for it. Wi-Fi is quite spotty as it was abused quite a lot (even the screen looks like it's about to fall off).
iPod Touch 2 Samsung APL0278 128MB Internal 8GB iOS 4.2.1 Bought this used off eBay in summer 2019 to try (and fail) to start a retro collection. Lost it around 2020. The original listing I got this iPod from said it was a 1st gen Touch. It wasn't.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Did you know...

  • ... that I mostly use the source editor because I am now used to it?
  • ... that the name "Wabbah" comes from a misinterpretation of a Simlish word in The Sims 3?
  • ... that this user was started in an RV park in Mendocino, CA and that's where one of the first edits from the real Wabbah were?
  • ... that Wabbah had up from 5 sockpuppet accounts that were merged in August 2021, and all of that was because of a Windows 7 beta page?
  • ... that my first discovery of this wiki was on 9-10 May 2021 before creating an account because of the Windows 11 leak 1 month later?
If Microsoft made a dark theme in Windows 95 this is what it would look like