Welcome to my userpage! Wabbah is a BetaWiki user that has been around since 18 July 2021.

Also known as Windows11Forever, Waterfallthebigsleep, TerrificJubbah, HANSocean, and WindowsNickelForever. View my website at

Wabbah's BetaWiki to-do list[edit source]

  • Replace bad screenshots on this wiki with ones that follow the editing guidelines.
  • Make screenshots for hidden features in build 9860.
  • Make better demo images for pages that don't have them.
  • Make screenshots for hidden features in Windows 10 betas that have no screenshots of them at all.
  • Make some more Xbox OS articles (9602 is done, there's a bit more to go unless they're not notable)

Builds I tested and favorite builds[edit | edit source]

Image Tested OS Tested with Notes Rating
Windows 11-10.0.21380.1001-Desktop.png Windows 11 build 21380 VMWare Workstation 17 This is an interesting build of Windows 11, despite the fact that a service causes memory leaks and the desktop.ini file opens itself and shows on the desktop. 7/10

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Did you know...

  • ...that my main Windows PC is a gaming PC with a RTX 2060 SUPER GPU? (Edit: This might soon be an ASUS gaming laptop with an RTX 4070)
  • ... that I mostly use the source editor because I am now used to it?
  • ... that the name "Wabbah" comes from a misinterpretation of a Simlish word in The Sims 3?
  • ... that this user was started in an RV park in Mendocino, and that's where one of the first edits from the real Wabbah were?
  • ... that Wabbah had up from 5 sockpuppet accounts that were merged in August 2021, and all of that was because of a Windows 7 beta page?
  • ... that my first discovery of this wiki was on 9-10 May 2021 before creating an account because of the Windows 11 leak 1 month later?
If Microsoft made a dark theme in Windows 95 this is what it would look like