Haters will hate


This is my userpage!

I know how to install MediaWiki!

All of my old content predating when i was able to create pages on BetaWiki is still avaliable on the talk page!

I also like Pentium 3 alot

Facts 4u[edit | edit source]

An Intel Itanium CPU instruction set emulator actually exists! it is called as ski! it doesn't emulate an real itanium desktop though

Did you know that registry file is called a "hive" Because one of the original developers of Windows NT hated bees! [1]

More[edit | edit source]

So the developer who was responsible for the registry snuck in as many bee references as he could. A registry file is called a “hive”, and registry data are stored in “cells”, which is what honeycombs are made of.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I am user3412

My account is named "TheRealUser3412" in some sites (like WMF's projects) because there can be already an account named "user3412" in them

Facts about me[edit | edit source]

i don't like new propietary software, but i am forced to like new open-source software

I like Open-source software alot

I only like old emojis (them being not unicode) and ASCII emojis

I made some photos on WikiMedia Commons under the username/nickname as TheRealUser3412 (god damn it, i hate unified login but i unfortunately can't disable it)

I was born in Brazil and i live in Brazil

I am Brazilian, so thats why most of my technology screenshots are in portuguese brazilian

Thats all!

Admins of this wiki that i know[edit | edit source]

• Ryzuaki
• JaGoTu
• BF10

Why i don't contribute to this wiki alot[edit | edit source]

It's because i mainly contribute on The CollabVM Wiki (though there can be causes where i don't contribute that wiki in some days), but this can also be because i have no VMs running beta versions of OSes (like Windows)

Mistakes that i have made[edit | edit source]

I have done only one mistake, and the mistake is forgetting to put a signature. I only did this mistake once, and it happens rarely

References[edit | edit source]