Hi, welcome to my userpage!
I'm sporb, just a regular guy on BetaWiki. I like making articles, drafts and templates. And copyedits and vandalism reverting.
About Me
I'm from Ontario, Canada and I like late 2000s stuff. I used to host a public virtual machine running Windows 8 build 7989, but that was 2021 and I have since then lost the server access (p.s. I now run Windows 8 build 8118 on a shared server), I also run Windows 11 on unsupported hardware. 🫠
What's "sporb" mean?
It doesn't really mean anything, I was looking at a TIGSource thread from 2009 and I saw this username and liked it.

7 November 2022: Extended confirmed!!

Articles and templates I made

I hope to create more pages in the future!

Userpage designs

I used to have a macOS style userpage design, but I no longer use it. You can check it out here, or you can look at my current design.

Random facts
  • The wiki is running on MediaWiki version 1.37.6 (11d6096)
  • There are 36,672 pages (including drafts and userspace)
  • 2,505 people have registered on the wiki, while only 12 are administrators.
  • 42 people on this wiki are active users.
  • All of those 2,505 users have uploaded 26,468 files, Just imagine how much space that takes up!
  • 251,614 edits have been made to this wiki.
  • This page is exactly 2587 bytes.

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