Build lab
Component of Microsoft Windows
Other namesVirtual Build lab (VBL)
Feature branch level/Feature build lab (FBL)
Introduced inWindows XP

All build labs[edit | edit source]

Whistler, XP and Longhorn pre-reset[edit | edit source]

  • The top-most (aka "trunk"): main, intergrates all changes from all labs

ntvbl was renamed to Lab in the beginning of later XP builds development

    • Lab01: Kernel
    • Lab02: Networking
    • Lab03: Server (still sometimes compiles client builds)
    • Lab04: Terminal Services
    • Lab06 (formerly ntvbl06, the oldest lab ever): User interface
    • Lab07: Internet Information Services/COM+
    • idx (example: idx01): Usually recompiles for OEMs, but may be used for public testing

Longhorn-post reset[edit | edit source]

  • The trunk was renamed to winmain
  • Lab05 (will be renamed to vbl_core) was introduced. There is a lot of build labs starting with build, but there are some notable one:
    • vbl_ux_?: UX (user interface)
    • vbl_media_ehome: (only for 5284) Intended for homes, so a quick installer called Media Center Diamond Take Home DVD Launcher will appear instead of winpeshl.exe
    • winmain_beta?