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Current PC (Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF • 11 January 2022 - Now)[edit | edit source]

Type Brand Model What I think about this component...
Current OS Windows 7 Ultimate
Installed on December 26, 2022, named "Liberty VII / Liberty SSD"
Main PC components
Case &
Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF It's a pretty good machine.
I thought I ordered the Desktop Tower format, but when I received it, it was the SSF one. But the picture shows the DT format... *visible confusion*
A25 (UEFI) Last updated: 30 May 2019
CPU Intel Core i5-4590 Clock Speed: 3.30 GHz
Originally the tech specs on the site where I bought it said "Core i5-4570" but what a surprise I got when I read "Core i5-4590" instead.
RAM Samsung M378B5173DB0-CK0 RAM amount installed: 24 GB (2x4 + 2x8 GB)
Silicon Power Nothing
GPU Gigabyte (Nvidia) GeForce GT-710 Available VRAM: 512 MB
Bough on Ebay for 6€... And now I can play Minecraft with "constant" 45 fps on latest versions!
Crucial CT500MX500SSD1 Capacity: 500 GB
A long time ago, someone came to tell me that I will have an SSD, because your hard disk will be too slow to do certain things... And that day arrived...
Main drive (OS Partition (C:\ • Windows 7), VM Partition (V:\ • VMware)).
Western Digital WD1002FBYS-02A6B0 Capacity: 1 TB
It's Western Digital... I don't like this brand a lot, but actually this one is far faster that the one I have in my previous computer.
Secondary hard drive (Data Partition (D:\ • Données), Source Code Partition (S:\ • Source logiciels) and Temp files + Swap section (Z:\ • BULK)). 36k hours.
Monitors HP LE2002x Native Resolution: 1600x900
Main Monitor. Connected in DVI.
Akira (No name) LED-B17TU18H Native Resolution: 1366x768 - Settled Resolution: 1920x1080
Secoundary Monitor. A cheap 720p TV (1080p capable) used as computer screen... with a shitty colorimetry... Connected in VGA.
Other components
Keyboard No name Basic model Well... it's a keyboard
Mice No name Basic model Just a mouse.
Speaker Dell AC511 USB Soundbar Stolen at School in Late-2018 (Yeah I'm a criminal).
So powerfull that if i set the volume to more than 12%, my ears would blow up...
Wi-Fi Adapter Netgear A6100 A Wi-Fi 5-compatible adapter.
The investment became more useful since March 2, 2022, as the FTTH arrived at home!
CD/DVD Drive PLDS DS-8ABSH The integrated CD Drive provided with it.
Webcam Bordeaux Diffusions DV-1300 905C /j Pretty good 720p webcam... Does his job for visioconferences and appointements. For €18, I'm satisfied.
Printer Epson XP-2100 For the moment, nothing. Except its shitload of bloatwares when installing Drivers.

Previous PC that still works (Gateway DT71 • 08 November 2018 - 11 January 2022)[edit | edit source]

Type Brand Model What I think about this component...
Current OS Windows 7 Ultimate
Installed on September 15, 2021, named "Liberty IV". Was installed in catastrophe due to problems that occurred with the Seagate HDD.
Windows 10 Pro 1909
Installed on December 23, 2021, named "Heavenly1909". Due to driver bugs, this PC cannot run Windows 10 versions 2004 and later. The last version this system can "handle" without severe crashes is build 19013.
Main PC components
Case &
Gateway DT71 Has more than 4 Years of use since I own it... (and that's a record, my previous PC has durated 1 year and 10 months !)
Usually, a PC lasts 2 years before it suddenly stops working... So this one is a bit of an exception to the rule. And that's fine!
Acer (BIOS) P01A2C0b (UEFI) This machine is UEFI capable! Even if the BIOS date is 20 July 2011.
CPU Intel Core i5-2400 Clock Speed: 3.10 GHz
Still working after 3 years of intensive use.
This CPU have a funny CPU frequency bug on Windows 10 1909[1][2], which displays 100% in permanence and incoherent values.
RAM Samsung (2) Generic OEM
RAM sticks
RAM amount installed: 6 GB (2x2 GB + 2x1 GB)
Originally 8GB. 2 of them have the Samsung branding, one other have the Nanya branding, and the last one have the Kingston branding...
On March 3, 2022, 2 RAM sticks that were present in this machine stopped working, so replaced with others....
Hynix (2)
GPU Intel HD Graphics 2000 Integrated Graphics™.
Western Digital WD2500AAKX Capacity: 250 GB
This one is very slow. Windows can take up to 5 minutes just to boot up...
Main Hard Drive (Windows 7 Partition (Windows 7 • 200 GB),Windows 10 Partition (Windaube 10 • 32 GB)). 33k hours.
Seagate ST3500413AS Capacity: 500 GB
It was the main Hard drive of my old PC from November 8, 2018 until September 15, 2021, as it was replaced by the WD one due to some problems.
Officially unused, struggles to boot on it (However I suspect the PSU to be the author of these problems) but remains in the PC as it still works. 50k hours.
Monitors HP L1940T Native Resolution: 1280x1024
Provided from my sister, this screen was weirdly buggy with her PC.
Other components
Keyboard None None How to use a computer without keyboard lol?
Mice Dell M-UVDEL1 Found in an old box in the basement in 2017.
Speaker Main PC's secondary screen Simple technique when you don't have dedicated speakers but a crappy TV that serves as a secondary screen...
The speakers themselves sound like tin cans, but if Windows wants to yell because it's not happy, it can.
Wi-Fi Adapter Comfast CF-WU815N This sh*t that was provided with my current computer.
It crashes every time, so I ended by making a bridge between my two PCs to get Internet on the older one, and it's way better.

Previous PC (Dell Optiplex 380 SFF • 12 December 2016 - 27 October 2018)[edit | edit source]

Type Brand Model What I think about this component...
Main Computer Components
Case &
Dell Optiplex 380 SFF A good machine, except for ONE thing.
When it starts up, it have all fans at max speed, and they're really loud.
A09 (BIOS) This is just a normal BIOS...
CPU Intel Celeron E3400 Clock Speed: 2.60 GHz
Well... At least it can runs Windows! I know, that's incredible.
RAM Nanya (1) Generic OEM
RAM sticks
RAM amount installed: 4 GB (2x2 GB)
Oof? But if I tell you that I was able to run Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 VMs on 4 GB of RAM, would you believe me? Incredible but yes, it's possible.
Kingston (1)
GPU ATI Radeon HD 4450 Available VRAM: 512 MB
Well... 35 FPS with Minecraft!
Seagate ST3250318AS Capacity: 250 GB
Died on 27 October 2018[3]. Rest in Peace a whole part of my data.
Main Hard Drive (Windows Partition)
Monitors HP LE2002x #1 Native Resolution: 1600x900
Main Monitor. Connected in VGA.
HP LE2002x #2 Native Resolution: 1600x900
Secondary Monitor. Connected in VGA. I broke it in June 2019 after raging in Brawl Stars.
Other components
Keyboard Dell KB212-B This keyboard as you have seen it in schools all over the world.
I broke this keyboard by sticking a knife in it while raging in Brawl Stars (again). This happened on March 30, 2020.
Mice Logitech B110 Like as the Keyboard, you already seen this mice everywhere you go...
Soundbar Dell AX510 Powered by a dead screen.
From the time I still have the soundbar in a closet, and maybe I still have the broken screen to power it.
Wi-Fi Adapter Netgear A6100 My current Wi-Fi adapter. Bought in August 2018
CD/DVD Drive Teac DV-28S-W Does A LOT[4] of noise...
Printer Canon MG2550S Dead since 2021.

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NOTE: Some components can be missing from the lists.
The Windows installations in the tables are the current ones, old ones are not kept there.