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Hello. I am InfinityPlus1. You may know me on other places as InfinityPlusOne, DiskingRound or my real name Brandon Sky Pimenta.
I have an interest in MS-DOS/Windows from 1981-2015.
I also watch and/or am subscribed to alot of YouTube channels such as:

  • Jogwheel
  • AntVenom
  • Garret Claridge
  • TheMuteTroll
  • Area DMG
  • ThioJoe
  • rogueamp
  • danooct1
  • lukemorse1
  • carykh
  • RetroGameTech
  • ashens
  • Computer Clan
  • OSFirstTimer
  • TechRax
  • McJuggerNuggetsI am a robotic ninja from the year 2107 using Windows/2 build 29.3.198242 RC1 as me main OS. And am I the only one to use CSS in his BetaWiki userpage?

I also have/had separate interests in stuff like:

  • Rubik's Cubing
  • Xcode/Cocoa/Carbon programming
  • Malware/Ransomware/Rogue AV
  • Origami
  • Astronomy

I am on various sites as:

  • BetaArchive - DiskingRound
  • Vogons - DiskingRound
  • SoftHistory/RoL - DiskingRound
  • OSBetaArchive - DiskingRound (permanently banned)
  • TG - DiskingRound (permanently banned)
  • LegacyWinBeta - DiskingRound (forum gone)
  • HyperOperatedTech - DiskingRound (forum closed for now)
  • "BRANDON PIMENTA" forums (fake) - TheRealBSP (forum gone)
  • YouTube - InfinityPlusOne
  • Twitter - BrandonSky1
  • And possibly many others I can't remember over the top of my head.

That's it for now.
Try to find the hidden message in my page!