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Introduction of me

Hi! I am Can, from Turkey, born in very late '99. A high school student that prepares for university and deals with music, biology and chess. Want play with me? :)

In the computer world

I have started using computer with Windows 98, Paint on a Vestel computer. (Fuck, my aunt has throwed it away!) In 2006 we got a XP laptop, and I learned most of my computer knowledge with that. Oh, it still runs and usable! Later, we got a Windows 7 laptop; instead of playing games too much, I have learned how to use virtual machines.

Computer gaming? I'm a big fan of SimCity 3000 and 4 (not 5, I can't play it, my poor computer!)

I entered world of betas in 2012, and registered on BetaArchive under the nick of cantasan99 in 2013. Early there, I was actually spamming due to my poor English, lack of knowledge, 750-post VIP... Later, I stopped that and uploaded some software (more will come, I hope) and talked more proper.

In 2014 I explored ReactOS and I'm also in there under the nickname of ctasan! ReactOS? Future of Windows... Oh, it's not booting with USB mouse plugged in!

If you want to contact me, feel free to do it :)