Hello, I am a guy who is interested in technology. Some of my main interests are Windows, coding, and gaming.

I am currently learning C# and my IDE is Visual Studio 2019.

This user Wikipedia will be used for information about me like my favorite Windows builds, facts, etc, and it will also be used to preserve builds of my current big project, Tasks.

Windows Facts

I will put facts that I learned here that are quite interesting!

- Did you know that there was a thing that was introduced in Windows Vista called "Session 0", which was removed in Windows 10 Version 1803 because of security issues?

- Windows 10 had a different styled recycle bin that was only there for 1-2 builds.

- Dell gave out Windows XP installation disks. (Not a lot of info but will be more soon)

- Windows NT stands for Windows 'New Technology'.

Favorite Builds

- Have not tried any builds yet! But let me know some good ones, because the ones I tried had issues with installation.

Builds I've tried:

- macOS Catalina 10.15.5 (19F101)

- Windows 7 RTM (Starter)

- Windows XP RTM

Tasks Builds

This is currently visible on my GitHub if you would like to check out the project!

I will be working on a way to get all these builds up and working for everyone to check out. This will be a little archive until I find a better way to list builds in this format. Build numbers are determined by compile date, numbers can be lower or higher.

Pre-Development (New Versions)

- v2.0.0 Build 81721

- v2.0.0 Build 82221

Stable (New Versions)

- v2.0.0 Development Release 1 (80721) (This actually came out before the Pre-Dev builds)

- v2.0.0 Release (92020)