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Every page about an OS/2 build must contain the "Infobox OS/2 build" template, which provides essential information about a OS/2 compile.

Usage[edit source]

OS/2 1.1 Beta 3
Build of OS/2 1.1
Lorem ipsum
Architecturex86 16-bit
Works inVirtual PC

The following code will result in the infobox on the right side:

{{ Infobox OS/2 build
 | buildtag = OS/2 1.1 Beta 3
 | version = 1.1
 | image = OS-2-1.0-Desktop.png
 | imagecaption = Lorem ipsum
 | arch = x86 16-bit
 | compiled = 2000-12-31
 | emulator = [[Virtual PC]]
 | about =
 | ba = example

buildtag[edit source]

Required: The whole known buildstring, for example IBM OS/2 Version 1.0.

version[edit source]

Required: OS/2 version that this build belongs to, i.e. 2.0 or Warp 4.51.

image[edit source]

File name of a screenshot without the initial File: prefix. If not provided, a placeholder will be used instead.

imagecaption[edit source]

Caption to annotate image.

arch[edit source]

CPU architectures on which the build is available (leaked/released).

compiled[edit source]

Date of compilation.

emulator[edit source]

List of emulators or hypervisors that the build is confirmed to work in.

about[edit source]

File name of a screenshot of the About dialog in OS/2 versions without the initial File: prefix.

ba[edit source]

BetaArchive database search query - this parameter should be the release GUID, if this is a specific BA release, or a string query that is as specific as possible.