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Something about Build 3790.1069 and 3790.1218 in my conjecture[edit source]

What if the possibility of those two builds of XPx64 during in the development stage was not the leaked version but published by the public Customer Preview Program?

Way before XPx64 was released,Microsoft was opened a XPx64 Customer Preview Program about this OS,andthere's a review article about this OS before its released was out from Anandtech dated back to February 7, 2004,and the article was still online,the article link:

The Anandtech article also provide the Customer Preview Program website directly from Microsoft and you were able to download it immediately once you completed the form,it also states this download would takes 450MB HDD space,notice Microsoft still called this OS as Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems,the website archive link:

Another article about this x64 Preview Program,it also showed the link about the x64 Server Counterpart version,article link: The Windows Server 2003 x64 Customer Preview Program archive link:

This article coming form eweek dated back to August 18, 2004 informs Microsoft did update the OS during the Customer Preview,stated the earier version of XPx64 didn't have Luna theme included,article link:

Combining those article and timeline,the only two version that fits is Build 3790.1069 which doesn't have a Luna theme and built in evaluation mode and Build 3790.1218 which includes Luna theme and more components added in this version.

Also there's a Youtuber called "Michael MJD" uploaded a video about installing an early version XPx64 from CD which released by Microsoft(donated by his fans)as an evaluation software,after install the version number results the same build as 3790.1069,the only difference is although you cannot installed this on current date,but you would get an completely different timebomb date which would triggers in five days before year 2007 coming,proably the key provided from the package was the evaluation key,the Youtube video link:

-Linglin Jan 15,2023