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Clarification[edit source]

OK, I think I have to explain a little bit about this one. I'm the one who took the screenshots and I have no idea how and why it could have came here. But anyway, I'd tell you a bit about it.

Before we begin, I think that it would be better if I can put the files there, so.. here is the source, plus DL Link is here Before spending a heck long time to download it, let me say sth about it...

This is not KB3081436. I checked the MSU file earlier and the UBR (coreos-revision) is not 16425. The only reason you are getting the build number when googling is because of the cumulative nature of the updates. In short, this KB contains files with version 10240.16425, but not the build number. On the other hand, this build as I put above is not cumulative, that means every (or most of? I don't check nor I have such time to do so) file carries build number 10240.16425. I don't know if it's a beta or just.. post-rtm, but surely not KB3081436.

The rest of how you could clarify this build is totally up to you guys, I simply don't know - I don't see a similar case before.

What I want to say below is not related to this build's authenticity directly, but somehow managed to connect to the topic, you can safely exit the page, but it would be great if you can continue reading.

The reason stated in the QD is simple - it's a cumulative build, so delete it. I agree with that reason actually, but speaking cumulative builds, I naturally found a couple of them still on this site, and that's or xxxx) and So that makes me confused if a build is deleted only because of being a update build when others are presenting here without a single objection - I don't see any QD or AfD concerning them. I did read the guidelines but I don't really found something to deal with this situation. And really I cannot make an AfD simply because of language issues - I cannot describe it clearly (even now). I think, that may I request if anyone can look into this issue? Windows 10 Build 19041(2, 3, 4) and Windows 11 build 22000 are not special and unique. If their CUs after GA can be kept, then what about 18363, and even 10240 (heck it is still supported)? I couldn't find a reason here.

Thanks for anyone's attention anyway, and maybe your download is finished now? Then just check it out.


--CI611 (talk) 14:29, 2 May 2022 (UTC)