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About the images[edit source]

Since this program is very obscure and barely used, that could explain why I could not find a clean PNG image of the icon. (I googled the icon, and it did not return an image that has the icon in a transparent background and there is no Wikipedia article for this either.) Before that though, I tried to capture the window of Math Input Panel using AeroShot and it did not capture the entire window and instead, it captured a cut-off portion of the window. I think why this happened is because unlike other Windows programs, it is implemented as a special window of some kind. (It always stays on top of other open windows on the desktop) Have you guys tried to capture a screenshot of this and tried to find the icon for the program though?

WindowsGuy2021, 8:30, 28 April 2022

I tried to use Snipping Tool, and cropped it, and it was good. 04:13, 29 April 2022 (UTC)
I saw the new image and it looks really good. The only thing left is to find the real icon which is the most hardest step as I mentioned before. Have you tried to find the icon for the program? I could not.

WindowsGuy2021, 7:30, 29 April 2022