OS/2 2.00 build 6.304

Build of OS/2 2.0
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OS/2 2.00 build 6.304 is a beta build of OS/2 2.0. Michal Necasek, author of the OS/2 Museum blog, had some of the installation disks for this build and claims it was made in February 1992, shortly before the final build 6.307.[1] Originally, he stated that most of the original floppy disks were missing or overwritten, but later received a CD copy of the build originating from the IBM Developer Assistance Program on 29 April 2022.[2][3]

The CD installation media of this build has the ability to boot directly to the setup on the CD, much like the Limited Availability release. However, this installation method appears to be in an incomplete state, with a notable lack of CD-ROM drivers, being unable to properly write the CONFIG.SYS file during setup (resulting in setup failing without modification), and setup crashing during the WIN-OS/2 installation. Despite setup crashing at that point, the build is still usable upon rebooting.

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