OS/2 2.00 build 6.123

Build of OS/2 2.0
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OS/2 2.00 build 6.123 is the February 1991 beta of OS/2 2.0. On 10 July 2018, Michal Necasek from the OS/2 Museum blog was able to gain a copy of this build and released it shortly after.[1] On the surface, this build is still very similar to IBM OS/2 1.30.2, although it contains a darker color scheme. Internally, the kernel has been ported to the 32-bit protected mode available on the 386 and later x86 processors. Most notably, this allows running multiple DOS boxes, which wasn't possible in OS/2 1.x. This is the last build to include Microsoft copyright notices following the split between IBM and Microsoft's development on OS/2.

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