Microsoft Plus! 95 build 50

Microsoft Plus! 95 build 50 is an early build of Microsoft Plus! 95. An incomplete copy of this build was first shared in August 2014, followed by a complete copy on OSBetaArchive on 8 December 2015.[1]

It is the earliest Plus! beta build to be publicly available, and it contains an early version of Space Cadet Pinball (codenamed Maelstrom), Internet Explorer 1.0 build 66, and DriveSpace, alongside new desktop themes.

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It is recommended to install this build on the Windows 95 April Test Release betas (builds 456-462; it will not install on builds earlier than 456), since running it on later versions will likely lead to errors and system crashes.

There is a guide for installing the initial incomplete copy of this build.[2]

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