Microsoft Plus! 95 build 300

Microsoft Plus! 95 build 300 is a build of Microsoft Plus! 95. A new theme called "More Windows" is included, being themed around Windows 95. It uses an updated wallpaper from the previous Windows 95 theme, while the current one received a new wallpaper, consisting from the Windows logo with clouds in the background. Internet Explorer 1's loading throbber has changed from a globe to the Windows logo. Pinball has "Preview Version" on the logo. The minimum required build of Windows 95 has been increased to build 501.

The label on the CD for this build says "build 220", which could be due to a last minute increase in the build number from 220 to 300.

This is the first build to lauch an autorun program upon inserting, however, it plays the startup sound from the "The 60's USA" theme instead of the Microsoft sound.

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