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iOS 16.0 build 20A5328h is the official Beta 4 and Public Beta 2 release of iOS 16, which was released to Apple developers on 27 July 2022,[1] then to public beta testers on the next day.[2]

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • An edit log feature was added in the Messages app. In addition, messages can now only be edited up to five times.
  • The time limit for unsending a message has been reduced to two minutes, down from 15 minutes in former builds.
  • The amount of time users can unsend emails is now customizable. In former builds, the only option was 20 seconds.
  • Three new wallpapers were added for CarPlay.[3]
  • The API for Live Activities feature on the Lock Screen, announced at WWDC 2022, was added.[4]
  • New graphics in the Settings app were added in the Notifications that show the difference between the stack, count, and list notification display options.
  • The volume bar now enlarges in size as the user changes in the Music app.
  • Visually improved the Now Playing interface's appearance on the Lock Screen to have bolder graphics.
  • A new "Add Widget" text was included to indicate where widgets can be added to the Lock Screen.
  • Added an updated and more detailed Health data view in the storage settings.
  • Two new wallpapers were added in the Home app.
  • Added a new interface when adjusting the design of the user's Home Screen.
  • The Translate app now supports six new languages, instead of five, such as Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch.

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