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iOS 16.0 build 20A5312g is the official Beta 3 release of iOS 16, which was released to Apple developers on 6 July 2022.[1]

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added an AFib History feature for tracking how long a user is in atrial fibrillation and how often. It is located in the Health app and as of this build, it is currently available to users in the United States.
  • Added support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, which is designed for users to share photos with friends and family members. Five people can be invited and all members can add, delete and edit images.
  • Added Lockdown Mode, which is designed to protect high-profile users at risk of cyberattacks from state-sponsored spyware.
  • Additional font options have been added for customizing the time on the Lock Screen.
  • When the device is locked, upcoming events are blurred out until unlocked.
  • Added a new Include Due Today option located in Settings section of the Reminders app. When enabled, both overdue and due items are added to the badge count, in addition to due items.
  • If widgets are used on the Lock Screen while the Earth wallpaper is being used, the image will move down instead of overlapping like in previous betas.
  • The iOS Version field located in the About section of the Settings app was changed to no longer link to Apple's security website in addition to layout changes.
  • A remastered version of the Clownfish wallpaper used by Steve Jobs during the introduction of the original iPhone from 2007 was added.[2]
  • On iPad devices, new tutorials and a splash screen for Stage Manager were added.
  • When choosing an iCloud subscription option, a splash screen was added to explain the features.[3]
  • Support for Virtual Cards was added in Safari for online shopping.[4]

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