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iOS 15.4 build 19E5209h is the official Beta 1 release of iOS 15.4, which was released to Apple developers on 27 January 2022,[1] then to public beta testers the next day.[2]

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • Users can now use Face ID while they are wearing face masks without using an Apple watch. Glasses can also be added as well.
  • Automations can now be run in the Shortcuts app without being notified when executed.
  • Universal Control is now enabled after being delayed multiple times since being showcased during the WWDC event in June 2021. It allows users to control their Macs and iPads using the same peripherals.
  • If the user is wearing AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones and a call is received, the audio quality while the ringtone is being played becomes the normal Bluetooth audio quality. It drops when the call is answered.
  • Added new Emoji from the Emoji 14.0 standard.
  • Notes can now be added to Keychain passwords.
  • You can sign-in to passkey-compatible websites and apps using an iPhone containing a saved passkey.
  • Support is added for the adaptive trigger firmware features of the Sony PlayStation 5's DualSense controllers.
  • Support is included for adding vaccination records in the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) in the Health app.[3]
  • SharePlay is now an option from the built-in share sheet.
  • The AirPods card now shows a (R)/(L) and a charging case icon when both are shown, but only when the buds have different states.
  • A keyboard brightness option can now be added to Control Center on iPads.
  • Users can now choose what is shown in the Up Next display in the TV app, which includes Still Frame or Poster Art.
  • You can now choose what happens while doing a left or right corner swipe, the options are Quick Note, Screenshot and Off.

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