Getting Started

Getting Started
Component of Microsoft Windows
Getting Started in Windows 7 build 7600.16385
Introduced inWindows Vista build 5308.6
Last included inWindows 8 build 7746
ReplacesWindows XP Tour

Getting Started, known as Welcome Center in Windows Vista and early Windows 7 builds, is a control panel applet included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that contains tips on how to use Windows as well as provides easy access to basic functionality such as adding new users or connecting the computer to a network. Computer specifications were used to be shown as well in Windows Vista but it was replaced with "Find out what is new in Windows 7" links in Windows 7. Another feature that existed in Windows Vista was to launch Welcome Center when the computer boots up. This feature was removed in Windows 7 as well.

It was introduced with Windows Vista build 5308, where it replaced the Windows XP Tour. The Microsoft Tips application serves a similar purpose in current versions of Windows.

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