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Chrome OS
Distribution of Linux
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Latest versionChrome OS 91.0
Initial release15 June 2011
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Chrome OS is an operating system developed by Google. It is based on Gentoo[1]. It is designed to be a fast and lightweight operating system that is based on the Google Chrome browser. It uses the Linux kernel. Chrome OS runs mainly on web applications, although it does support native applications as well.

Currently, the latest stable version of Chrome OS is version 91.0.4472.102.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Chrome OS is mainly found on Chromebooks, laptops that run Chrome OS. They are also shipped on Chromeboxes, Chromebases and Chromebits. The open-source equivalent of Chrome OS, known as Chromium OS, can be compiled to run on computers other than the ones with Chrome OS pre-installed.

Channels[edit | edit source]

Chrome OS has four release channels, Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary.

Stable[edit | edit source]

The Stable channel of Chrome OS releases builds that have been fully tested and has minimal bugs, it gets minor updates every two to three weeks and major updates every six weeks. It is currently at Version 91.

Beta[edit | edit source]

The Beta channel builds have not been tested fully, so they are more prone to bugs, it gets minor updates every week, and major updates every six weeks. It is currently at Version 92.

Dev[edit | edit source]

The Dev channel is very unstable, it has been tested very little and is usually a lot buggier than the beta channel. It gets updated once or twice a week. It is currently at Version 93.

Canary[edit | edit source]

The Canary channel is bleeding-edge, it has not been tested at all. It is updated daily and is very unstable.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

69.0.3497.35[edit | edit source]

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