Android 12 build SP1A.210812.016

Build of Android 12
Android 12 r2 Screenshot.png
Build SP1A.210812.016 compiled and running on LGE V30 ThinQ
Compiled2021-08-12 (for Pixel 6)
2021-10-05 (AOSP)
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Android 12 build SP1A.210812.016 is the RTM build of Android 12. It was compiled on 12 August 2021 for Google Pixel 6 (oriole/raven) smartphones on bound for AOSP staging and fully released to AOSP Git on 5 October 2021.

As this build is in the "Production 1 Release 2 (android-12.0.0_r2) for AOSP" branch, most of the unveiled things such as AppSearch, Monet, Themed Icons are not being open sourced. This build includes SPL of 5 October 2021, full Material You appearance and SDKs.

It's the last known build to support Kirin 990/Kirin 9000/Kirin 9000s/Kirin 9010 and Kirin 8000 SoCs.

New requirements[edit | edit source]

Kernel requirements[edit | edit source]

Android 12, SDK31 raises the bar for board support platform to mandatorily support eBPF in kernels. This means, most of the EOL platforms, which are unsupported by MediaTek ALPS or Qualcomm CodeAurora Forum such as 3.18; 4.4 and etc. are left unbootable.

HAL Requirements[edit | edit source]

The android.system.*HAL Name*.keystore has been upstreamed to version 2.0, leaving most of the compiled builds for old devices unbootable due to unsuccesful /userdata decryption.

Qualcomm targets are mandated to upstream their target Audio HALs to version 7.0.

Vendor test suite regulations[edit | edit source]

This is the first build, where "VNDK Lite" targets have been removed, leaving out the full requirement to ship target with full VNDK implementation.

New features[edit | edit source]

Haptics[edit | edit source]

Android 12 extends the Vibrator HAL functions by adding dynamic feedback and actuator effects. The HapticGenerator effects for AudioFX HAL now can manage haptic effects on output sound.

Quickstep/SystemUI[edit | edit source]

Quickstep now supports icon-alike opening animations for widgets.

BT Stack[edit | edit source]

The user can now control Bluetooth permissions for pairing/A2DP/connection.

Camera2 Updates[edit | edit source]

Camera2API and CameraX now supports Quad/Nona/Hexa-bayer cameras and full output for them.