Windows Me build 3000 (2000-06-17)

Build of Windows Me
Compiled on2000-06-17

Windows Me build 3000 from 17 June 2000 is a later recompile of the RTM build, which was supposedly uploaded to the Chinese website BetaWorld on 2 April 2021.[1] The build is claimed to be a pre-release version of the Simplified Chinese translation. According to the BetaWorld Wiki, the build includes certain changes to code and configuration files. Some areas also use Traditional Chinese characters rather than Simplified.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to copy the installation files to the hard drive for installation. The installation program does not recognize some files in PRECOPY1.CAB during installation, and the installation package lacks two tracking programs, and the installation prompts that the file cannot be found.

Missing files:

  • hcount.exe
  • selfhost.exe

Files not recognized by PRECOPY1.CAB:

  • layout.inf
  • layout1.inf
  • layout2.inf
  • lic_help.txt
  • license.chm
  • migdb.add

The missing tracking program can be found in a patched version at present. It is not included in the installation package because it cannot be confirmed whether it belongs to the original file content of this version. The tracking program file and the files that are not recognized by PRECOPY1 can be downloaded here.

Combine the above files, put them in the directory containing installation files, and start the installation.

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