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Windows XP build 2197 (main.000107-1856) is an unleaked build of Windows XP that was compiled in early 2000. It was mentioned in an IT Pro article from 13 February 2000, where Paul Thurrott claimed that build 2197 was the first internal build of Whistler and that it had gone out internally "weeks ago".[1]

This is confirmed by the Windows XP source code leak, where the build's full build tag is referenced in comments located in tools\postbuild\copyscript.cmd.

REM assume %BuildName% = 2197.x86fre.main.000107-1856
REM assume %CopyDir% = Symbols.pri or whatever
REM assume %BuildShare% = \\ntbldtest01\release\2197.x86fre.main.000107-1856
REM assume %ReleasePath% = D:\release\usa\2197.x86fre.main.000107-1856

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