Windows Vista build 5000 (vbl core)

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6.0.5000.vbl_core.040803-2000 or…
Build of Windows Vista
6.0.5000.vbl_core.040803-2000 or 040806-2000 or 040808-2000 or 040809-2000 or 040818-2000 or 040826-2000 or 040902-2000
A screenshot of the first build in the 5000 "vbl_core" series, compiled on 2004-08-03, 16 days before the reset.
OS family
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Windows Longhorn build 5000 in the "vbl core" buildlab is actually a series of builds compiled each at 8:00 pm (4:00 am +1 day GMT) with dates ranging from 2004-08-04 to 2004-09-03. It is, like its associated "winmain" compile, and all other pre-5048 builds, unleaked.

It is interesting to note with the build dates that this lab had been compiling build 5000 one month before the main lab and 16 days after the main lab post-reset test release.