Shell Technology Preview build 1054

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3.51.1054 STP
Build of Windows NT 3.51
3.51.1054 STP
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Shell Technology Preview build 1054 (also known as Shell Technology Preview or NewShell) is a replacement shell provided by Microsoft for testing with Windows 95-compliant applications in Windows NT. The end result is a beta version of the Windows NT 4.0 shell and user interface, complete with icons and some feature additions. This version also makes Windows NT 3.51 identify itself as Windows NT 4.0.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Run SHUPDATE.CMD from the installation media. Note that to use Briefcase, you must have Service Pack 5 of Windows NT 3.51 installed and NewShell will not install on beta versions of Windows NT 3.51. Updating the Service Pack requires you to uninstall NewShell first.