Windows 2000 build 1948.1

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Build of Windows 2000
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Windows 2000 build 1948.1 is a build of Windows 2000. The build number is referenced in Windows XP's source code in\NT\sdktools\debuggers\redist\docs\symbolserverspec.doc. Free and Checked compiles of this build are known to exist.

drvvctrl.rc[edit | edit source]

Examples of adding products to a symbols server
The following are examples of adding symbol pointers for build 1948 of Windows 2000 to \\foo\symsrv
symstore add /r /p /f \\ntbuilds\release\usa\1948\x86\fre.wks\symbols\retail\*.* /s \\foo\symsrv /t "Windows 2000" /v "Build 1948 x86 fre" /c "Sample add"
symstore add /r /p /f \\ntbuilds\release\usa\1948\x86\chk.wks\symbols\retail*.* /s \\foo\symsrv /t "Windows 2000" /v "Build 1948 x86 chk" /c "Sample add"