Windows 2000 build 1723.1

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Build of Windows 2000
OS family
Timebomb1998-08-13 (+241 days)
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Windows 2000 build 1723.1 is a build of Windows 2000. It is listed in the Fate 455 and 475 warez CD lists and was presumably leaked by the warez group PWA. It is on the warez CD "Mag Utils 18" which was uploaded to the Internet Archive by the user Pascal of Irate on 7 April 2020.[1] This build's CD is not bootable. To install this build, use a DOS or Windows 9x bootdisk.

This build's icon for Internet Explorer has been updated, however, the shortcut is still labeled "Internet"; also a new shortcut to Outlook Express has been added to the desktop.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • This build crashes on boot on Virtual PC when using the default ACPI-capable HAL. This bug can be worked around by pressing F5 when setup starts and selecting the "Standard PC" HAL.

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