Windows 10 build 21306.1001

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Windows 10 build 21306.1001 is a build of Cobalt, the 21H2 development semester of Windows as a service. An issue related to this build was posted to Visual Studio's Developer Community by a Microsoft employee on 1 February 2021.[1]

A comment about this build is also available in AppxManifest.xml of Windows Feature Experience Pack build 321.4803.0.3, which stated that version 2.6 of Microsoft.UI.Xaml had just arrived with this build to the rs_wdx branch, and that not all branches were at build 21306 yet.

    TODO: Leave this out initially since the 2.6 version only just arrived in 21306 to rs_wdx* and not all branches are at 21306 yet.

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