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Windows Longhorn build 4015 (main)

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Build of Windows Longhorn
OS family
Timebomb2004-03-25 (+363 days)
Works in
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Windows "Longhorn" build 4015, with a build tag of 4015.main.030328-1500 is a "Longhorn" Milestone 5 build. It was leaked on 2003-04-28 by WiNBETA. Most copies of this build's CD are not bootable due to corruption, since it results in an NTLDR is missing error, and in that case it can only be upgraded from an earlier build.

This is the first Milestone 5 build, compiled on 2003-03-28 and leaked on 2003-04-28. It has yet another wallpaper similar to the Milestone 4 one.

Windows Explorer has several memory leaks which can make this build difficult to use. Turning off the sidebar will usually stop these memory leaks.

The latter year in the Longhorn branding in winver has been changed back to 2003.

Please note: that there is a second build numbered 4015. This was compiled by build lab06 rather than main, and information on it is scarce.


  • Parental controls
  • Additional configurability for the sidebar - including being able to put it below the start bar at the bottom of the screen
  • "Libraries"
  • Download manager - which was eventually dropped
  • WinFS - causes memory leaks
  • DCE - can be enabled with the uxdesk.dll,DceStart command in the Run dialog box. Note that a DX8 graphics card is required or DCE will crash. Only transparency included.