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March 2021


I noticed that you never seem to sign your comments, so i have to add the unsigned template. You can sign your comments by typing in four tildes. (~) Norman (talk) 01:38, 18 March 2021 (UTC)

June-July 2021

About Aero in 5098 and 5112 on VMware

Open regedit, navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DWM, and create EnableMachineCheck and ForceSoftwareD3D DWORDs, EnableMachineCheck set to 0, and ForceSoftwareD3D set to 1, log off and you will get Aero in 5098 and 5112 on VMware. P.S. I verified this only in Longhorn 5098, because Vista (and Longhorn Server) 5112 was extremely buggy and laggy for me after installing graphics driver. User: (talk) 14:00, 30 June 2021 (UTC)

I'll try it out. (talk | contribs) 00:57, 1 July 2021 (UTC)
OK, it worked for me. But it remains to run slowly in VMware. (talk | contribs) 03:40, 1 July 2021 (UTC)
You tried in 5098 or 5112? User: (talk) 06:35, 1 July 2021 (UTC)
I tried 5098. (talk) 11:35, 1 July 2021 (UTC)

August 2021

Just a heads up.

Even though you deleted your comment. I just wanna let you know that you can request permission from the staff to create a new account and use that instead of your old. Xeno (talk) 03:23, 6 August 2021 (UTC)

Oh sorry, I though someone was sockpuppeting. (talk) 03:24, 6 August 2021 (UTC)
Oh don't worry about that. I thought I wiuls just clarify that rule for you! Xeno (talk) 03:25, 6 August 2021 (UTC)

Plus! XP images

Can you please make the backgrounds of the Plus! XP images you've uploaded transparent? That would save a lot of time for me and for others. Orbitron (talk) 22:40, 16 August 2021 (UTC)

Yeah, sure. But do I still use the image editor? (talk) 22:43, 16 August 2021 (UTC)
Obviously. Orbitron (talk) 22:47, 16 August 2021 (UTC)

Custom watercolor.css theme

How do I create my own custom watercolor.css theme just like the other users? (talk) 11:52, 21 August 2021 (UTC)

easy, by learning css (also your palatino font was out of place on my watercolor.css so i had to find a hack to remove that) -Gamerappa (talk) 02:53, 23 August 2021 (UTC)
Is it still necessary to keep this font on my user page/talk page? (talk) 02:58, 23 August 2021 (UTC)
you can keep the font, it's your profile. -Gamerappa (talk) 02:58, 23 August 2021 (UTC)

September 2021

Demo images

Can you please stop making demo images for builds that don't have any notable changes to the UI, and, according to the guidelines on screenshots, stop adding custom graphics to them as well? Thank you. Jurta (talkcontribs) 19:33, 25 September 2021 (UTC)

Sorry about that. Bubblebeam (talk) 20:16, 25 September 2021 (UTC)

How to revert edits via mobile

I am currently using my iPhone RX, so how do I revert edits via mobile? I also turned on advanced mode. Bubblebeam (talk) 10:50, 30 September 2021 (UTC)

you have to go to desktop mode and do it from there formerly known as Norman (now MikeShinoda2001) 10:55, 30 September 2021 (UTC)