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I'm a fan of Windows.

Favorite versions of Windows

My opinions on Windows 8.x

Windows 8

Early builds

Build 7850 - good although not much new features

Build 79xx - Nothing to say

Pre-Beta (Developer Preview)

Build 8102 - Metro is now default but there's a registry key to disable Metro interface and re-enable Windows 7 Start menu (but sadly removed in Consumer Preview...)

Consumer & Release Preview

Build 8250-8400 - The Start button got removed! This is a disaster!


I somewhat miss Aero...

Windows 8.1

Build 9431 - The Start button is back!

Build 9600.16596.winblues14_gdr_lean.140114-0237 - 9600.17041.winblue_gdr.140305-1710 - Metro now can be navigated similar to desktop (although apps still can't be windowed like Windows 10), taskbar can appear in Metro and power button in the Start screen (familiar for Windows 7 users!